Cancer Prevention with Dr William Li

In this video Dr William Li discusses ways in which to prevent abnormal angiogenesis (creation of blood vessel to enlarge tumors). He clarifies that only 5-10% of tumours are gene influenced and the rest (90 – 95%) is up to your environment of which diet holds a large influence. He lists foods that demonstrate anti-angiogenesis. What is most interesting is that he found that foods have synergy i.e. when two foods that had “weak” anti-angiogenesis are combined they have a better effect than one good one. This has been known in Chinese for centuries with many formulas having more than one herb dedicated to assisting the function of the main herb. With testing of his new anti-angiogenesis drugs, he has some great results with some cancers but only mild responses with other cancers so he comes to the conclusion that prevention would be better than cure. Then he displays a chart of foods and compares them to common drugs which have some anti-angiogenesis action and the new anti-angiogenesis drugs. Vitamin E beats the new drugs in anti-angiogenesis action. Vitamin E is found in: raw sunflower seeds, dry roasted almonds, boiled spinach, paw paw, silver beet (Swiss chard) and other green leafy vegetables and blueberries. Other high anti-angiogenesis foods were tea, turmeric and green tea. In India, studies have shown that the low prostate cancer rates were due to the turmeric which is consumed virtually every day. Tumeric on its own is difficult for the body to absorb but it was found that the pepperine from chili enables the absorption of this anti-cancer herb (synergy at work again). Further down the list were fruits and other vegetables and not so surprising (at least not to me) were soy beans. As Dr Li says, with this list I could go home and make an anti-cancer meal. Note no animal products (bar glucosamine which comes from shellfish) made the anti-angiogenesis list.

What this video goes to show is the importance of prevention and how we can take control of this prevention with our diets. It also goes to show that removing parts of the body (some women have had breasts removed) does not prevent cancer.  In Chinese medicine, food is considered the first choice medicine and when this is not effective then herbs are used. The best doctor is said to be one who prevents their clients from getting sick. As I often say to my clients: You only get one body and if you want it to last well with few breakdowns then take care of it, feed it well and love it.


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