Tree Change

Conondale ViewToday just started in Maleny at 26 Coral Street. I will be working there on Tuesday mornings and in the near future on Wednesdays all day. Why Maleny you may ask? Well my husband, Mark and I are building a straw bale house in Conondale, 20 mins from Maleny. See if you want more info on that. We are owner builders, so I have no illusions about the time it will take to complete. The structure should be up by the end of the year because we’ll get some professional help with that, but the finishing will take a while.  This way I can devote an hour or two every week to home building and practice my TCM which is my greatest passion. It’s a great little clinic, a house renovated into 2 practice rooms and 2 administrative rooms. I share this practice with Anthony Brown, Caitlin Kinnear, and Paula West, all TCM practitioners. We share some days and work on our own on other days, so it all works well. The address is 26 Coral St, Maleny. Ph 1300 253 669 or 0401 134 655 for an appointment. Ask for “Rosalba in Maleny”.