West and East, hand-in-hand

Recently, I have been fortunate enough to be invited to practise at a medical centre in Wellington Point on Fridays (phone 1300 253 669 for appointment) and it is working to our mutual (including clients) benefit. This is something, I’d like to see more of. In China, western medical practitioners work hand-in-hand with TCM practitioners and it works well. There are limitations to both systems of medicine and if all practitioners just admitted this, we could achieve so much more for our clients (“patients”, gives me the impression that someone is waiting for someone else to fix them and not taking responsibility for themselves. The seriously ill  and children are the only ones, in my view, that fit the “patient” category ) . I view TCM, not as an alternative but as a modality that can work with western medicine.

The World Health Organisation of the United Nations lists the following conditions that acupuncture can be used for:

Infections: colds and flu, bronchitis, hepatitis

 Internal: asthma, high blood pressure,
 ulcers, colitis, indigestion, hemorrhoids, diarrhea, constipation, diabetes
Eyes, Ears, Nose and Throat:
Tinnitus, earaches, dizziness,
sinusitis, sore throat, hay fever
Eczema, acne, herpes, dermatitis
Musculoskeletal and Neurological:
Arthritis, Neuralgia, sciatica, back
pain, bursitis, tendonitis, stiff neck, Bell's palsy, trigeminal neuralgia,
headache, post stroke treatments, sprains
Geneto-Urinary and Reproductive
Impotence, infertility, PMS, PID,
vaginitis, irregular periods or cramps, morning sickness


Anxiety, depression, stress, insomnia

Tree Change

Conondale ViewToday just started in Maleny at 26 Coral Street. I will be working there on Tuesday mornings and in the near future on Wednesdays all day. Why Maleny you may ask? Well my husband, Mark and I are building a straw bale house in Conondale, 20 mins from Maleny. See www.budafoods.com.au/strawbalehouse if you want more info on that. We are owner builders, so I have no illusions about the time it will take to complete. The structure should be up by the end of the year because we’ll get some professional help with that, but the finishing will take a while.  This way I can devote an hour or two every week to home building and practice my TCM which is my greatest passion. It’s a great little clinic, a house renovated into 2 practice rooms and 2 administrative rooms. I share this practice with Anthony Brown, Caitlin Kinnear, and Paula West, all TCM practitioners. We share some days and work on our own on other days, so it all works well. The address is 26 Coral St, Maleny. Ph 1300 253 669 or 0401 134 655 for an appointment. Ask for “Rosalba in Maleny”.

What’s it all about?

Alba Therapies front entrance from car park

Alba Therapies front entrance from car park

Hi folks, my name is Rosalba D’Agostino. I have a traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) clinic at Carina Heights in Brisbane, Queensland, Australia. Myself and 4 other TCM practitioners practice acupuncture, Chinese herbal medicine and Oriental massage (no we don’t walk on anybody!).  The other practitioners are Monica, Louise, Sue and Liz. So this blog will give an insight into the goings on at Alba Therapies. Note, NO client names or details will be published. Alba Therapies is at 94 Willard St, Carina Heights, Qld 4152 Ph 07 3843 3555

The clinic has been in existence for 11 years but in this location only 6 years. I started out in 1999, in Camp Hill, by myself. After two years, I invited a beauty therapist, Leah, to join me. The idea was that she worked on beautifing the outside and I worked on balancing the internals. In 2004, we moved and spent 3 months working on remodeling the inside of this Carina Heights house to suit. A lot of hard work and long days.  Monica (who had her own practice for several years before having her boys) joined me at this point, working Mondays, so I could have a 5 day week, instead of six. Four years ago, Leah decided to shut her side of the business, leaving me alone with three consultation rooms.  At the time of Leah’s departure, I was a bit lost as what-to-do now. Then one day a phone call followed by a talk with a handsome gentleman called Weaver and I was doing the Business Mastery course at the National College of Business, Brisbane and I’ve never looked back. I hired my first full time staff member, Julie. Then Louise came on board followed by Marney and our lovely receptionist Elly. Times change and people move on and are replaced and so it goes on. We often gets comments on the serenity and lovely fragrances that wash over you as you enter the clinic. I know I love working here and helping people regain their health.