New Staff

Tomorrow (8/04/2009) our new receptionist starts at Alba Therapies. This is a first. Up until now the practitioners have handled their own appointments, receipting and general reception work. Her name is Ellyce Kielly. She did work experience with me about 4-5 years ago and impressed me greatly then. At 16, she was mature, efficient, thorough and hard-working. At the time, I was working on my own and could not afford to pay staff. Regretfully I was not able to offer her employment at the time. But life has a way of coming full circle, and she has just finished up with a government contract and has become available. Now that there are 4 practitioners other than myself, it was becoming hectic and problematic in reception. So Elly, you are most welcome.

What’s it all about?

Alba Therapies front entrance from car park

Alba Therapies front entrance from car park

Hi folks, my name is Rosalba D’Agostino. I have a traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) clinic at Carina Heights in Brisbane, Queensland, Australia. Myself and 4 other TCM practitioners practice acupuncture, Chinese herbal medicine and Oriental massage (no we don’t walk on anybody!).  The other practitioners are Monica, Louise, Sue and Liz. So this blog will give an insight into the goings on at Alba Therapies. Note, NO client names or details will be published. Alba Therapies is at 94 Willard St, Carina Heights, Qld 4152 Ph 07 3843 3555

The clinic has been in existence for 11 years but in this location only 6 years. I started out in 1999, in Camp Hill, by myself. After two years, I invited a beauty therapist, Leah, to join me. The idea was that she worked on beautifing the outside and I worked on balancing the internals. In 2004, we moved and spent 3 months working on remodeling the inside of this Carina Heights house to suit. A lot of hard work and long days.  Monica (who had her own practice for several years before having her boys) joined me at this point, working Mondays, so I could have a 5 day week, instead of six. Four years ago, Leah decided to shut her side of the business, leaving me alone with three consultation rooms.  At the time of Leah’s departure, I was a bit lost as what-to-do now. Then one day a phone call followed by a talk with a handsome gentleman called Weaver and I was doing the Business Mastery course at the National College of Business, Brisbane and I’ve never looked back. I hired my first full time staff member, Julie. Then Louise came on board followed by Marney and our lovely receptionist Elly. Times change and people move on and are replaced and so it goes on. We often gets comments on the serenity and lovely fragrances that wash over you as you enter the clinic. I know I love working here and helping people regain their health.