Spring, Pregnancy and Acupuncture – Monica Seelig

pregnany1Spring is all about birth and growth, so it seemed appropriate that I should write and article about pregnancy and birth. If you can manage it, I can thoroughly recommend Spring as the best time to have a baby – I’d have to be a little biased of course, as my youngest turns 3 this month. I have had 2 wonderful pregnancies and births and want to let you know that there are many ways we can help women on their journey into motherhood. And being a practice of 5 women, we all just love anything to do with babies!
In my experience, I have often seen women coming to acupuncture for the first time with morning sickness as they are acutely aware of avoiding medications and any unwanted ill effects to their baby. They are pleasantly surprised that something so natural and painless can ease their symptoms and let them enjoy those early days of pregnancy. In Chinese medicine, we attribute morning sickness to the major changes taking place in the body during those first few months impacting on the energy meridians and causing changes to the way the Qi and Blood moves – e.g. it can get stuck, go up instead of down (you can guess what would happen here!), there might not be enough energy or it can generate heat. It can also be complicated by the pre-existing state of the woman’s digestive system.
Therefore, pre-conception care is also important. We all know you can’t beat good genes; it is without doubt the best gift you can give. Optimizingyour health before you conceive is beneficial for both yourself and your
baby if you are planning a pregnancy. The people we most often see in thiscategory are those who are having difficulty conceiving. An increasing number of women are using ARTs (Assisted Reproductive Technologies).
There have been some good studies published recently showing that combining acupuncture with egg pick up and transfer produced a statistically significant increase in the number of pregnancies. It’s great to
see acupuncture getting the limelight it deserves and an increasing number of gynecologists are now recommending acupuncture to their IVF patients. After the intensity of medical treatments, most women benefit
from the relaxation they receive from acupuncture.
If you are having difficulty conceiving, the focus of our treatment is often the regulation of the menstrual period. Too little or too much bleeding, too painful, too often, infrequent periods and PMT will all need to be
examined and regulated. From a Chinese Medicine perspective, a normal period should last between 4-6 days, should come every 26-32 days, should not be painful or cause any disruption to your everyday life.
Anything other than this is not “normal”. Because acupuncture is holistic, all other areas of your health are looked at. Women often report improvement in their sleep quality, energy and reduction of stress levels as major added benefits.

At the end of pregnancy, many of you may not realize that acupuncture and moxibustion are effective in turning breech babies. The optimal time to come in for treatment is 34 weeks as success rates are higher. Leaving it
to the last minute leaves no room to maneuver. Having baby in the “OA” positioning gives you the best chance of having a natural and quicker delivery.  Acupuncture can help with labour preparation and we have some
wonderful information on acupressure techniques that are great to use during labour.mother and baby
So if you or anyone you know is planning a pregnancy or is pregnant,
Alba Therapies offers a comprehensive and flexible approach to support
you through this wonderful journey.

HRT Alternatives

So you’re a woman at a change over point in your life and instead of celebrating the liberation from the monthly bleed; you are suffering hot flushes, sweating, sleeplessness, anxiety and a host of other symptoms you weren’t expecting or wanting. You’re not too enthused about the prospect of HRT and you’ve tried all the off-the-shelf products and have had little or no relief.

Thchinese-herbsen its time for a herbal prescription tailored to your needs. We (at Alba Therapies) don’t use Black Cohosh in any of our successful individualised herbal prescriptions. Why? There is a herb called Black Cohosh in Chinese herbal medicine but is a different species to those used in pre-packaged preparations. It too reduces heat, but it is recommended not to be used long term in cases of Yin deficiency, which is the main syndrome in menopause. Notice I said “main” not only.  Perhaps once or twice in over ten years of practice has anyone walked into the clinic with only one syndrome. Menopause is hardly ever only one syndrome but a complex interactions of various systems in the body. It all depends on how you have treated your body in the last 20-30 years on how many syndromes present themselves. Our herbs are in a convenient granule format, no boiling required. Add acupuncture to your treatment plan and speed up the whole process.  Herb preparations equate to the cost of your daily capuccino. So you can be free of your symptoms and truly celebrating this part of your life.

Benefits of Not Smoking

The media and the powers-that-be like to focus on the negative effects of smoking, but rarely mention the benefits of not smoking? The positive aspects of doing something always motivate me more that the negative. So what are the benefits of quitting:

• Within the first few hours after quitting, nicotine and carbon monoxide leave the body, halving in 8 hours.

• Within 2 days, taste and sense of smell improves.

• In 3 days, breathing is easier and energy levels increase.

• Within 1 month, blood pressure returns to the normal level and lung function improves.

• Within 2 months, circulation improves.

• One year after quitting, the risk of heart disease decreases by almost 50%.

• Ten years after quitting, lung cancer risk is halved.

• Ten to 14 years after quitting, the risk of dying from cancer decreases to nearly that of non-smokers.

• After 15 years the risk of heart disease is almost the same as for a non-smoker.

• People who quit live longer than those who continue to smoke eg a smoker less than 50 years of age who quits now has half the risk of dying in the next 15 years compared to someone who continues to smoke.

(Sourced www.cancercouncil.com.au)

The other benefit is Cost. In one year, a non-smoker saves $4,745.00 (based on one packet per day, average cost of $13 per packet of 25). That beats a stimulus package any day!

I have observed that people have a lot of reasons for quitting e.g. “for the kids”, “for my parents”, “for my partner”, “for my job”. Noble as all these reasons are they should never be the real reason. I have found that if the reason is external to you then you will tend to fall back into the habit. The best reason is “YOU”. If you believe you are worth it then you will succeed.  The acupuncture treatment methodology used at Alba Therapies has seen people quit within 1 to 4 treatments. We don’t charge extra for these treatments and you don’t have to wear things in your ears. Call 1300 253 669 if you want to know more or want an appointment.

May 31st is “World No Tobacco Day”.Are you worth it?

Are you worth it?

New Staff

Tomorrow (8/04/2009) our new receptionist starts at Alba Therapies. This is a first. Up until now the practitioners have handled their own appointments, receipting and general reception work. Her name is Ellyce Kielly. She did work experience with me about 4-5 years ago and impressed me greatly then. At 16, she was mature, efficient, thorough and hard-working. At the time, I was working on my own and could not afford to pay staff. Regretfully I was not able to offer her employment at the time. But life has a way of coming full circle, and she has just finished up with a government contract and has become available. Now that there are 4 practitioners other than myself, it was becoming hectic and problematic in reception. So Elly, you are most welcome.

West and East, hand-in-hand

Recently, I have been fortunate enough to be invited to practise at a medical centre in Wellington Point on Fridays (phone 1300 253 669 for appointment) and it is working to our mutual (including clients) benefit. This is something, I’d like to see more of. In China, western medical practitioners work hand-in-hand with TCM practitioners and it works well. There are limitations to both systems of medicine and if all practitioners just admitted this, we could achieve so much more for our clients (“patients”, gives me the impression that someone is waiting for someone else to fix them and not taking responsibility for themselves. The seriously ill  and children are the only ones, in my view, that fit the “patient” category ) . I view TCM, not as an alternative but as a modality that can work with western medicine.

The World Health Organisation of the United Nations lists the following conditions that acupuncture can be used for:

Infections: colds and flu, bronchitis, hepatitis

 Internal: asthma, high blood pressure,
 ulcers, colitis, indigestion, hemorrhoids, diarrhea, constipation, diabetes
Eyes, Ears, Nose and Throat:
Tinnitus, earaches, dizziness,
sinusitis, sore throat, hay fever
Eczema, acne, herpes, dermatitis
Musculoskeletal and Neurological:
Arthritis, Neuralgia, sciatica, back
pain, bursitis, tendonitis, stiff neck, Bell's palsy, trigeminal neuralgia,
headache, post stroke treatments, sprains
Geneto-Urinary and Reproductive
Impotence, infertility, PMS, PID,
vaginitis, irregular periods or cramps, morning sickness


Anxiety, depression, stress, insomnia

Tree Change

Conondale ViewToday just started in Maleny at 26 Coral Street. I will be working there on Tuesday mornings and in the near future on Wednesdays all day. Why Maleny you may ask? Well my husband, Mark and I are building a straw bale house in Conondale, 20 mins from Maleny. See www.budafoods.com.au/strawbalehouse if you want more info on that. We are owner builders, so I have no illusions about the time it will take to complete. The structure should be up by the end of the year because we’ll get some professional help with that, but the finishing will take a while.  This way I can devote an hour or two every week to home building and practice my TCM which is my greatest passion. It’s a great little clinic, a house renovated into 2 practice rooms and 2 administrative rooms. I share this practice with Anthony Brown, Caitlin Kinnear, and Paula West, all TCM practitioners. We share some days and work on our own on other days, so it all works well. The address is 26 Coral St, Maleny. Ph 1300 253 669 or 0401 134 655 for an appointment. Ask for “Rosalba in Maleny”.

What’s it all about?

Alba Therapies front entrance from car park

Alba Therapies front entrance from car park

Hi folks, my name is Rosalba D’Agostino. I have a traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) clinic at Carina Heights in Brisbane, Queensland, Australia. Myself and 4 other TCM practitioners practice acupuncture, Chinese herbal medicine and Oriental massage (no we don’t walk on anybody!).  The other practitioners are Monica, Louise, Sue and Liz. So this blog will give an insight into the goings on at Alba Therapies. Note, NO client names or details will be published. Alba Therapies is at 94 Willard St, Carina Heights, Qld 4152 Ph 07 3843 3555

The clinic has been in existence for 11 years but in this location only 6 years. I started out in 1999, in Camp Hill, by myself. After two years, I invited a beauty therapist, Leah, to join me. The idea was that she worked on beautifing the outside and I worked on balancing the internals. In 2004, we moved and spent 3 months working on remodeling the inside of this Carina Heights house to suit. A lot of hard work and long days.  Monica (who had her own practice for several years before having her boys) joined me at this point, working Mondays, so I could have a 5 day week, instead of six. Four years ago, Leah decided to shut her side of the business, leaving me alone with three consultation rooms.  At the time of Leah’s departure, I was a bit lost as what-to-do now. Then one day a phone call followed by a talk with a handsome gentleman called Weaver and I was doing the Business Mastery course at the National College of Business, Brisbane and I’ve never looked back. I hired my first full time staff member, Julie. Then Louise came on board followed by Marney and our lovely receptionist Elly. Times change and people move on and are replaced and so it goes on. We often gets comments on the serenity and lovely fragrances that wash over you as you enter the clinic. I know I love working here and helping people regain their health.